A party finally after 3 days of waiting

28 February 2008

Meh, I really feel like a DRG (at least a DRG of the old past times, when nobody wanted them except me lol) waiting for party for hours.

Yesterday I couldn't exp at all, so I made some missons, quests, a little boring besieged with BRD, but I mainly was LFP for Dancer because I would like to finish it as soon as possible.
Finally an invite arrived but after 1 hr I was kicked out by my ISP and the the flat had a massive blackout. Very funny.
I went logged in again and I was obviosly replaced... But a miracle happened: I got an invite and I WASN'T lfp.
I think I almost cried, since that reminded me the nice (and not so distant) days of mad brd exp.
So we were exping and doing our good work and suddenly a GM popped

No idea for what or for who, she was just there talking with whoever called her ( I suppose)...
and that's all... because after that the party disbanded soon and I just hit 47 with no hope to reach 48 or better 49 for today.
I'm speaking only of exp. It's kinda boring. Expecially becasue I'm not a really exp person lol. But Dancer is such an awesome and interesting job that I want to have it 70+ as soon as I can.
So forgive me! I will start to speak of something interesting very soon, believe me!

Now it's time for a bit of spam:
go to visit Gracie!
he's a very cute and funny Tarutaru and I do like a lot how he write (I think english it's his main language, lucky him) bacause he makes me always smile.

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Anonymous said...

Firstly, congrats on 47. ^_^

I can relate to the frustration borne out of seeking for hours without an invite; 'tisn't a nice feeling. :\ And then to have a blackout once you're an hour into your party?

What's up with that, yo? :P

Anyhoo, I hope things pick up for you in the near future because you seem to enjoy DNC so much. o: If I had a job around that level I would be the first to invite you. ^_^;

And bless you for mentioning my blog in your post. @_@; 'tis an honour; your support and appreciation mean a lot to me. \(*^_^)

sylbianna said...

I just kind of saw your blog! I've been meaning to post a comment but I just really didn't know what to post, I'm bad at introductiony thingies. I really like reading your blog, it seems like you really love Dancer as much as I love Scholar ^-^ It's nice to see someone else finding themselves in one of the new jobs, too! I wish you so much luck on your little quest, hehe! I hope we can party sometime, I'm on Hades too but I'm surprise I haven't really seen you! I hope to see you sometime! Stay safe, and I can't wait to see you post more!

Rimca said...

Good for people to know.

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