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24 February 2008

Here I am. Today I have to work seriously, so I will skip the daily exp for a session of hard Photoshop works (T-T)
So let me show the most peculiar moments of these few days, with the help of a few, self commenting pics.

Me in a Toraimarai Canal run (alone) dressed like a stupid for a rank mission (just changed from Sandy to Windy). lol
Went there WHM 37 because I dont F34R you shilly shkeletons... and sneak was a way better sticking then my RMD75 sneak (thank you SE for the total randomness of this spell).
For reasons unknown Toraimari Canal was a dungeon who scared the bejeuzes out of me, but not anymore... due to an extensive key hunt with the RDM, i became pretty familiar with the mobs here and I know it's a really simple dungeon, providing that you find a safe place in wich to recast silly-willy sneak.
Now I walk the strett of Toraimarai as I walk the street of London

Without the /panic part, of course.

Here you can see me shouting for 2-3 Dragon Fight in Horlais Peak, a thing (shouting) I stopped to do in 2003 when I found a lovely LS with a lot of nice and good members.
Now the days of shouting are back, because almost all of my friends deleted and even if now I' on Tanaii, a really lovely and funny LS, it's just a social LS so we aren't doing a lot of events.
But it's alsways nice to beg for help in public


Here I found some poor souls (<3<3<3 some of them are with me since I started to play) to help me on ZM8 (<3<3<3).
I must thank them and also Ethna adn Perikles for helping me destroying the enemy of that mission. Also forgive me for my dumbness, since I was the guide and I said: yes I know the way ... and we get lost LOL, so very me.
Being a BRD I always feel very useless during missions although.

Maybe because I am useless indeed.

Now you can see me waiting for MP to raise poor Feelin who died, due to my total suckyness, on the pot we duoed (or better, she soloed with a little help of my songs).
Thank you very much to Feelin too, not also for the help here but also for she's such a funny mithra and she always make me laugh until my cheek hurts.

Last but not least, me on sky on a wrong teleport. After like thirty minutes spent going around like a chicken, I finally managed to find the right one to come home.
I know, I have teleport for being /WHM, BUT that place is full of magic aggro pots... really really full, so I had not place in wich to safely cast a spell.
Plus was funny to wonder without any idea of where I was. I liked.

Now It's late and my work awaits me.
Take care.
And remember that in a party with me, death it's sure. But it's always funny.

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