Maybe is not time

1 March 2008

Maybe is not time for an update on the blog, because to be true I'm not doing anything special beside exping DNC.
But would be a lie, since in these days I'm trying a lot of new things...
First of all Campaign Battles and Campaign Ops. Well I'm not a big fun of the battles, but it's nice to do a camp op in a place where there is a battle running to bring help or items to the fortification (and the allied notes you get are really a plus ^^)

While I was there, there was a RDM, a really really fast RDM... and she was so fast that I had to see what she was wearing. Beside staves +1 (of course) she had

For all of you still new to the game, these are a really really hard to get equipment.
That made me a bit sad, because reminded me of what this game is, of how is complicated and sometimes frustrating... I know I will never be able to achieve this objects, because I lack too much things to do and I also lack the immense time needed to gather everything one needs for this objects.
Seeing her being so fast in casting, so nice in the whole attire, was like to see something I will never be able to do (not only for the time but also for the skill required to be part of groups that do cop dreamlands and salvage in the ruins).

Beside the fact there is nothing so extremely beautiful for BRD or DNC (at least from an high level point of view).

Damn SE give us more DNC equip! NOW!

So too cheer me up I eat too much chocolate chip cookies. muahahahah
And I exped DNC and I reached 50 and maybe now I will start to partecipate in some Campagin with DNC while lfp. Exciting!

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