LS event finally

19 February 2008

It was ages and we finally made it up: an LS event!
The nice occasion was  Ohat run, in the Den of Rancor. So we prepared, we waited for the last people to come online, and we leave for the Temple.
A friend of mine (Minni<3) was late so I waited for him to open him the Den of Rancor door, but looked like it's not possible so I had to tractor him through the wall. LOL. It was fun!
We had a bit of problems with the frist Hakutaku, but the other two went smooth. As always I keep forgetting haste and refresh eheheh but we managed to have 3 hat in a reasonable time.
Then time for a group pic, an Escape and I was lfp to exp my DNC.
While waiting I started Windurst 2-3 (I just changed  nation and I need to  make the ranks again ; ; ) and I ended up in Bastok, an hour and an half later, still lfp with not a single tell for exp.  I know I could start a party, but the problem is that there is this sever lack of tanks in that range of level, and even if I can solo a bit, it's not really like a full party exp speaking.
Will try to get to 41 tomorrow, hoping I will have a bit more luck with invites on japanese window (since japanese players likes DNC a lot more).

That's the pic in Den of Rancor. As you can see we get company while having the picture heheh.

I just found this very nice site:
A very nice idea and goals and I hope I will be part of it. Tomorrow I will do a search to find some Hades blogger
But now is time to sleep!
Just after a bit of Portal playing (wich is... insanely wonderful! You should try it!)

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wyred said...

Hi, it's wyred here. I saw your email but clicked "delete" accidentally >_<

Luckily, I managed to get a good glimpse of your blog's URL so here I am.

Could you email me again for your registration key? :)

GarcieWaffles said...

Heya. ^_^

It's always entertaining to read a fellow server-mate's take on the game. It looks like you've had lots of fun adventures. :D

I always feel for RDMs when there's an alliance that large involved; it seems like they've a tough job. :o


For some reason I feel like playing Portal now. @_@;


Melanie said...

Looks like you guys had fun. Go Tanaii!

Binahel said...

it was suuuper funny Miss!
Not as funny as to try that NM with you obli and the others for the blu af head LOL

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