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17 February 2008

But at least I was able to exp a bit and I get to 40.
To exp DNC is, really, a pain. There is a constant lack of tanks (on Hades) in this level range, and also DNC is not a very popular job as was RDM or BRD.
Indeed, for me, is very funny (I can also solo as you can see - with a little help from a pixie though lol) but it has a very big problem with TP... when I cure I can't cure properly because everyone exp on IT mobs and my low dagger skill is not helping, and I don't have the ability to rest to recover some MP, cause I cure with TP and the TP gain is low...
For me is necessary to fix a bit the TP gain on DNC, because is hard to be a primary healer, almost impossible, with such a slow gain on TP.
Raising TP gain somehow would help cures and also debuffs - wich are somehow costly to do if you are trying to not spare any single TP to cure or erase...
Beside that Dancer is a lovely job and I'm really enjoing it.
I hope I will be able to ding 60 before the new patch with AF arrives, but I seriously doubt it due to the tanks lack ; ;
Well, we will see.
Take care!

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