Long time no see

23 February 2012

Oh well... these days I have millions of things to do, so why not add to my burden as well a couple of blog posts? ^,^
Let's do it, for the fun of it!

I am in the process of renewing the blog layout, mainly because in these Abyssea days my interests are quite shifted from the old ones.
I still adore Dancer and Redmage of course but somehow I can't play them too much and they're not anymore my only jobs at 75 (lol) - 99 any-more.

In my personal arsenal of favourite we could see the appearance of two wonderful jobs:

Scholar and Corsair - I should also mention Black Mage but it's quite redundant since everybody has Black Mage these days.
While spending only little time speaking about Corsair - which is my job of choice to gear up and become wonderful in it - because it's self evident what a wonderful job it is (not to mention the coolest AF in game and being a pirate), I should probably spend a bit of time into talking about Scholar.
Have you ever played it? Coming from a BLM history with a decent geared setup, I was surprised and even slightly shocked to see how versatile and efficient this job is.
With powerful nukes (I was almost nuking as much as my BLM, I couldn't believe my eyes) and very good MP efficiency due to Refresh and Sublimation, I found SCH intriguing to play... but I honestly think I underestimated it.
If you put it a small Elemental Seal available every minute, together with AOE Cures and -na spells, I am still baffled that SCH is not on the most used job ever.
I don't know the reason for that, I suspect is simply because most of the time we meet average players and certainly an average SCH can't in any way beat an average BLM...
but still the job survivability and general MP efficiency both in Light and Dark Arts makes me very happy that I choosed it as a new job to explore and try out.

I understand it might not be helpful in Abyssea - thanks SE for that horrible proc system - but it can be very useful in VW where, with the right gear, can easily proc all the not -ga spells, help cure via wonderful Regen and top it up with Helixes.

After all this consideration I did a new Nyzul run which went kinda ok but it could have been much better - mainly probably due to my inexpertise with the job as a primary healer.
So I read all night about SCH and I found Kaeko blog - which I completely missed in the old days (but I am sure you all know who we are speaking of).
Although the info there is quite old - SCH recieved -na and Refresh and Haste Kaeko! :) - it made me really eager to try SCH out a lot more.
I like this job and I like the fact is actually challenging to play - very much like Dancer when it came out when nobody knew what it was capable of and I had to exp to 75 via solo or Campaign lol.

So welcome back to me again to FFXI obsession.
Not sure where this will lead but, hey I will keep on track as long as it is fun! <3

Walk of Echoes

21 November 2011

It might be good to update the blog while waiting to Walk of Echoes #9 to be ready.
Summoner rules there and it's nice to be one finally. One has the impression to actually be useful.

It's one minute and everybody is buffing. Let's go to fight!

- Update -

Fought and won. Only japanese players seem to be still interested in WoE.

Anyway this is just a quick reminder to say that yes I am still around, I am still playing.
Working on COR +2 and BLM +2 armors.

Doing a lot of quests and missions and in dire need of Nyzul Isle floor 100.
Drop me a line if you're on Cerberus and fancy some mission fun :)

More updates to come for the next weeks. Promised.

Square Enix total failure

3 August 2011

We all know that Square Enix customer service is not the best, we all know that their account/polID handling has always been quite disappointing.

So it will come with no surprise the fact that, for some mysterious reasons, my character and my content ID are gone and at the moment I cannot play.

The issue started earlier this week when I tried to do the transfer in order to obtain the staff of 1 week warp. The Square Enix account refused to be linked citing the fact the billing cycle was yet to start and suggest to wait next month.
I contacted promptly the Support and they told me it's a known problem and that I should be a able to transfer in a couple of day or the beginning of august.
I waited a few day more, knowing that I should wait for next month - effectively losing the possibility to have the item but never-mind.

It came then august and I tried to do the transfer but the system prompted me with the fact that I had to pay outstanding fees (what fees since I paid july already?) . Never-mind then, let's pay this fees.
After paying the fees I did the transfer, reactivated the account and the characters and also bought some crysta to pay for august.
Imagine my surprise when - after all this - I tried to log in and I got the message

You have no Content ID for FFXI. Pleas obtain a new Content ID or reactivate a cancelled one in order to play the game and/or to use the Playonline service

Of course my sudden reaction - beside the rage -was to contact SE Support. Which I did through the chat system. The wait was almost 4 hours... every 20 or 30 minutes after being in queue, the chat would close in my face saying that there was no available agent.
After maybe the fifth or sixth time I tried to access the chat, finally I could speak with an agent.
He told me that this is a known problem and that nothing could be done. He didn't even apologize and he closed the chat on me before I could ask him further questions about this problem.

After spending like 4/5 hours of my time waiting for this lousy answer, I was a bit frustrated so I pick up the phone and I called Square Enix US to see what I should do.
Again I stayed on the phone waiting for an agent to answer me 1:38 minutes but then I gave up, I was sleepy and tired and very angry - not the best state in which to call a customer service.

Today I woke up and my crysta balance was billed for the month of august, but yet there is no content ID to play even if the account is activated and the characters are active too.

I can't even post in the forums due to the fact that I don't have anymore a content ID and characters to post with.
Something that should have been smooth and simple became as usual a nightmare.
Thank you again Square Enix for your wonderful Service.

Please, my dear friends out there, pray for me. I have a terrible feeling this won't go very well :(

Long time no see

11 July 2011

Ok, let's face it, it's time to come back.

Although I never really left, the last post is quite a long time ago.
A lot of things to say but also a lot of time for it. I just want to let you know that I am indeed back and I am still trying to find my way, always lost wherever I go.

There's so much to discuss reall - Abyssea, the new armors, my BLM - but for the moment I will keep it short.
FFXI is still a wonderful game and I am glad I am back.
This time might be for good!

Oh, still got no time

22 April 2009

Not there is much to tell.
Actually I'm trying to exp SMN and is doing pretty good, even if I don't have anymore all the time I had when I was studing.

I guess there's a time for everything, a time for gaming, a time for working, a time for life.

I choose long time ago a path and I'm trying to follow it straightforwardly, even if I must say I'm not sure it's the best one nor is safe for me to follow.
I endure.

I'll play a litte bit more, trying to reach 75 finally with a SMN without Diabolos becaus even if I play since 2003 I always wanted to finish first Zilart then CoP and now there's even more to finish and I don't have anymore time.

Too much stories maybe? Yes, it's possible.
Or maybe I still value too much just the sake of travelling, exploring (like yesterday I found a spot in Crawler's Nest... it was so beautiful and I've never been there, how's possible?) and questing.

I don't need anything else for the moment.

I've got plans about merits and maybe SCH to 75 but it's just a silly plan.
I know I won't have time to do everything I would like to do and that's the harsh truth.

It's sad, I know, but that won't keep me from dancing. Always.

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Exciting newsss!

20 December 2008

New dresses, new moves, new Dancers Powers!
How can I resist all this?
Sadly in these long weeks, I was working a lot and my internet connection was down.
I had to change two rooms because London is not being nice with me, even if I love her greatly...

But every now and again I'm having a peek on what's happening on FFXI, even if I'm off for major causes ; ; so I saw it's time to log in for a few times, just to see how the things are going.
Expect me on Fairy soon, just for a short visit I'm afraid... better than nothing though.

I miss so much Vana'diel.
Sooo much.

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Oh la la

31 October 2008

It's with big pleasure that we announce that this humble blog has become part of the Playonline Community Sites.
Sadly a big connection problem kept this Dancer from dance for you for a long, long time.
And things will not become better since work is keeping me a lot busy.

But, don't despair!
In the next two month I will play very little, but I will try to keep you updated with news and gossips as much as possible and eventually this period will end and I will be able to play a bit more.

In the meanwhile enjoy all the sites you find on the links section, because a lot of them are very valuable and will make your Journey in Vana'diel a lot easier!

Yours truly
the silly Dancer

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