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21 February 2008

45 yeah!!!
Took to much to ding 45, to be honest. But I've already spoke about the problems I have exping!
It's not only a tank issue, to be true... I feel people still don't know Dancers too well and they are afraid to take them in a party.
To be completely true, Dancers fills a strange role... not a DD, not a complete Healer, we can DD a bit (half of a THF, as an example) we are able to cure (not as a WHM or a RDM, of course) and also able to perform some nice moves (like Stun or Provoke or Gravity but nothing is powerful or can in any way replace the real ones).
I exped in Altepa and Crawler's Nest ,as you can see, and I saw how nice DNC is to be backup voker or a Sata companion, so I'm always plenty of things to do when I play DNC, as much as RDM and to an extent also BRD (even if it's a lot boring)
 Here we are going to H-7 exp place in Weastern Altepa Desert (a place I really love!)

And here we are exping in CN... you can see an automaton riding a Crawler LOL
I <3 PUP! The automaton are soo cute!

And last but not least, the new entry of my job abilities: Haste Samba...
I really can't say if it's helpful or not, I still prefer Drain Samba, but I will try it out!

Yes! That's a Brigadine! Will be my Body until Scorpion Harness! LOL
It's ugly, but it has nice stats and nothing is better in this range of levels!

Equip is the major issue on DNC! But will talk about it next time!
Now it's time to work a bit (still LFP, of course >,>)!

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Garciewaffles said...

Congrats on reaching level 45. ^_^

DNCs do seem to fill a strange role like you say. The way SE described them at FanFest was as a 'frontline healer'. I just like having them in my party 'cos the dances are pretty. :x

Ultimately, it'll be the players that decide which role DNC will fill in the long run. Here's hoping they're used to their fullest. @_@

Also, I absolutely looooove the desert (I also love dessert but that's a different story!); that and Quicksand Caves are two of my favourite levelling zones. ^_^;

And those automatons aren't cute. ._. They freak me out a little. I think it's the lack of a face that does is to me. :x

Ciao and that~

mika said...

As a WHM i like to have a Dancer in my Party, alot less to do for me :p. I rather take a DNC than a SMN to help healing or something on lower lvls :p.

grats on 45 ^^

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