Windower sucks!

20 November 2007

I just tried the new SE windower and, belive me, it sucks *_*
It's laggy beyound imagination, but I read it's a bug so let's hope they will correct it.
There is also the size problem, since one can't enlarge the window to completely cover the Windows bar.
It's pretty annoying...
it was that complicated to make a nice windower, properly working?
Plus I have a sad news: I can confirm DNC will have a very low armor and weapon options.
Pretty as much the previous expansions, the new jobs are always released ubernerfed, waiting to see what's happens with players and equip.
I expect an update, in the near future, adressing this problem with some new set or weapon wich will be possible to wear by DNCs.

An idea for the future: when there is an update with a gobbie bag incoming, be wise and buy everything.
I could be millionaire right now...

if only...

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