15 November 2007

This is my first post. I must start on something, so I will start with what I'm doing right now: I'm working on the template, trying to personalize as much as possible!
Who am I? Former a Bard, then a Red Mage, I decided it was time to change and after Square Enix news about Dancer on FFXI, I couldn't resist to try it.
The expansion is still distant, but not too much. So I will have time to put a few links on, show some galleries of very old pics, while we wait to discover what the Dancer will be.
I'm so glad I'm Mithra... did u saw the Dance motions? SE did a wonderful work.

So this journey starts here... you will follow me through my (long) way to Dancer 75 and we will discover togheter what Dancer is.

For now a big mandraHug to everyone, muahahah

p.s. I'm still working on the header, any suggestion is more than welcome


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