News on Dancer!

17 November 2007

Directly from BG Forums (copyright by the authors) exciting news on the Dancer:
will cure, make en-aspir and hastega effects and much much more!
It's just a copy from the forums, enjoy it ^^)/

Dancer Preview:

Dancer JAs:

Trance - 2hour

Sambas -
Drain Sambas - All party members who target the same mob as you will melee with drain effect.
Aspir Sambas - Duh.
Haste Samba - Duh.

Jigs -
Spectral Jig - Sneak & Invis!
Chocobo Jig - Mazurka anyone?

Waltz -
Curing Waltz - Cures single target
Healing Waltz - Erase
Divine - Curaga I believe

Steps -
Quick - Evasion down
Box - Def down
Stutter - Magic def down

Flourishes -
Animated - Provoke!
Desparate - Gravity
Violent - Stun

Also, the new /rmap and /bmap is /cmap, which stands for Campaign.

Dancer can solo T's at level 60 as DNC/NIN.

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