a neverending waiting

23 November 2007

I know I know... it's silly to complain.
I just have to wait, and there is nothing I can do.
Due to the delay in shipment, I will not able to play WotG for 2 from 3 weeks, that's because I'm in Italy and the shipments for US are a baaad thing 
But please please pleaaaase forgive me, I can't stop to whine.
Usually I'm not a whiny person at all, but this expansion brings to me the dream of my FFXI life: the Dancer, and every day of waiting is a little torture.
As a side note, I saw that DNC is becoming pretty popular, SCH being a little strange to understand since low levels how it works.
I gladly hope that DNC will not be too much popular (let's hope is not the next BLU) because I don't like to exp jobs wich half the server is exping.
That's one of the decision that brought me to BRD in my early FFXI days...
So let's cross the finger, to discover DNC is a useless job +1 and no one will exp it past 37!

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