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1 September 2008

Don't worry friends! Binahel is not vanished from the Vana'diel world.
She's just a bit busy!

This (cat) moved two months ago in London and life it though here!
The main problem is finding a job, while the second one is finding nice people and new friends!
I've been told that moving to a foreign country is challenging and indeed it is, expecially if you're not 100% perfect with the country language!
But my engRish is slowly improving and in a matter of no time I will be a socialite/fashion-victim londoneer and even the locals will not be able to find I'm a foreigner

So, updates on FFXI activities:

  • Due to the long time I passed offline, I choose to move back to Fairi for a while. I really miss my Hades friends, but I will stay here for a little longer, since it was my old server and I want to see how things are here. To be true, Hades is actually a bit better, but looks like Fairy is a bit more active, especially in the LS activities! I will see what happens and keep you updated. I left my RDM on Hades though, her name is Dunizel, so we can stay in contact!
    Thanks to the moving I met a lot of old friend, last but not least one of the few people that knows since my first days as THF in Windurst (LOL ages ago).
    I got a picture with them and I send them a lot of kisses, hoping to see them again soon!

  • Dancer is slowly but wonderfully growing, hope I will be 75 in a matter of few months!
    Tell me if you want to exp! I'm super cute and super pro! (LOL that's a lie actually. But I'm really cute in my AF DNC! Really!)
  • Can't wait for the new udpate which will bring us a new exp method AND the most important thing of all: THE POSSIBILITY TO CHANGE HAIR STYLE!
    FInally I will get rid of that old hairstyle and I wll have a new one (still have to decide wich one, though... any idea?)
That's pretty everything for now! I will keep you updated on my quest for work and DNC75 heheh
Cheers mates (as they say here!)

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Anonymous said...

Bina! Savaril here, first of all I love your blog but more importantly check the forums, we need to cause mass chaos in London in December!

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