Mission accomplished

20 September 2008

In the end Absolute Virtue was saved. Not due to my poor efforts, to be true...
but at least the mighty King of Aern is "mighty" again. Or sort of.
To commemorate the event I made a button:

Ah, button speaking... check this thread. After a long period of laziness I finally decided to make use of my far superior (LOL) photosho skills and I make a handful of buttons like this one:

There is plenty of options for you to enjoy in the thread, plus if you want I can make a special button for you (but be patient because I have a lot of requests... usually take 4 days for a pin to be ready, more if submerged by requests)...
So don't be lazy and go there and check / ask / whatever.
The jobs ones are now the official usable avatars of Blue Gartr muahahah

I'm working on the races ones now, and then I will be back to make requests for everyone!
Enjoy. And if you like them, send me some cookies!

Remember DNC exp has priority though! bwahahah

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