And it happened, eventually

14 September 2008

I'm sure you already know, the news is spreading all over Vana'diel carried by the goblins...
Absolute Virtue, formerly the last Boss, the Unbeaten Monster of Promathia, ultimately find his end.
Across all the globe, the poor creature is hunted and zerged like anything else.
No more wondering how he can be defeated, no more strategies to be found, no more questions... now the answer is only one: bring a lot of Dark Knights, a lot of Kraken Clubs and go to zerg like hell.

Yes friends, I know. It's sad to hear that the one unbeaten Beast now collapse in the front of the might of a single weapon, a weapon we know is usually in the hands of the ones who dwell in illicit traffics of gil or money.
It's doubly sad then that the once might Aern, now is simply killed with raw power, not requiring anymore a bit of strategy!

Once again raw power win against brain usage.
Embrace your weapons then, and go else to find something suitable.
Vana'diel once again kneels to the ones who wants everything now.

I know friends, these are dark times.
But we still have some hope for the future, not everything is lost!
Help me and Absolute Virtue in the fight of the Zerg method...
Let's spread you this badge on every FFXI forum.
And let them know you're against this mighty beast extinction!
Let's fight for Vana'diel future ecosystem!

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