Fashion is the way

23 June 2008

Beside cookies, my other passion is fashion.
Inspired by this magazine

(a wonderful Japanese magazine depicting the best fashion tips for Tarutarus with the quest required to obtain them) I thought I will start today a fashion guide for the FFXI people!
Being a fashionist is not an easy way, at all. It's difficult and time consuming and of course a gil sinker... but it's fashion, as it should be!

So, let's start:

In the first frame we can see a Monk.
Being a monk doesn't allow you to wear such an ugly combination of pieces. A male, expecially a hume, should never, and I say NEVER, wear that harnesses, except in party (Party is a peculiar situation where fashion style can be suspended for Exp reasons °_°) or you will be the at people's mercy. Please have a look at the new equip and I'm sure you will find something more appropriate than bare legs!
Being Galka and Red Mage is a problem.
But not always, as you can see in the second frame. Taken in the Far Eastern capital, this pic is of a famous Galka of the server (Hades) and he's showing a big fashion sense. Goliard is a piece of absolute perfection, matched only by Morrigan, and adding the Duelist Chapeaux is a wonderful fashion idea, and also almost the only headgear a Red Mage should wear. So, fellow RedMages, start NOW your career of fashionist and do a lot of Dynamis, fighting one of the lowest drop of the Dynamis area! Good luck!

The third Frame is me as a Summoner.
This combination of pieces is horrible, but being Campaign is forgivable, since while fighting we can forgive if the equipment is not aesthetically perfect. Almost.
As a Summoner, I know, you have such a little pieces for your body. But why not Vermillion or the AFv1 or v2? Almost everything is better then cheap body! So don't be lazy and go exp or farm!
Your fashion sense will grow a lot fighting trash mobs for a better purpose: to be perfect!

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Anonymous said...

Okay, I must have that book. Where did you find it? D:

I'm also loving your sense of fashion; you should come give Garcie a makeover sometime. :D

Cool post!~

sylbianna said...

a very lovely little post! Simply adorable! I've actually seen that magazine before, I believe, though I never personally picked it up. And aww, don't feel bad, Binahel! You're speaking too ill of yourself! I actually like that look of a Summoner, haha! I think it's cute attractive. I can't wait for your next post....however, I do hope you're doing okay. I really miss you, Binahel. Please never hesitate to send me a message!

Anonymous said...

Cute Mithra~ :3

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