A virtual tour in my humble Mog

14 March 2008

Everything started right here, in a normal sunny day of our beloved Windurst.
Suddengly Moggles popped everywhere and told us it was time to go to hunt for eggs!
I couldn't say no, as you know I like events too much to miss one of them!
So I took my festival suits and I venture out to the gate to see what the moogles want me to do.
What I saw was a terryfing mess of bodies, fighting alongside to reach the poor overhelmed Moogle...

The invasion started right under my eyes and I couldn't do anything but watching helplessly the poor moogle abused by the maddened people looking for eggs (I thought that everyone knew that moogles don't hatch eggs, but looks like I was wrong).

After a lot of exchanges anda few cheap buys (meh I hate people who sell eggs, but I think I will have to too, since I'm so broke that 10k would be something more than welcome) I get finally my reward for the day

A lovely new useless but cute thingy to put on top of my bookshelf. Isn't it adorable?
Tomorrow I will try for another object and then I will be done!

But since I was there in my Mog, with my Mooggle chatting how much Vanadielers are rude when time of events coms, I thought: why not show to everyone my little humble nice Mog House?
So here it goes.
This are all pieces I collected in a lot of years of play. Someone has attached old memories, someone was a gift and someone I bought on the AH when I was if not rich at least wealthy.

Let's start with bookshelves. As you can see I like to read! And I like silly lamps and christmas tree (wich is there because I'm too lazy to move it and the moogle is too lazy to).
I have a complete collection of History of Vana'diel, plus a few rare books on the places I like (Uggalepih Temple, Altepa and Quicksand and so on...)

right near the bookshelves there is a replica of the Windurst planetarium. I like it, but I must admit it's too huge and I could use that space for something better. But being broke makes necessary to do what we can with what we have. Hence is the planetarium wich was, I tell you, a gift (= for free)!

Just after that panel you can see my bed. It's comfortable but pretty ugly, I know. I had a really better bed but it was larger and richer and I had to sell it because it was full of memories I didn't want to sleep with any given day. Near the bed a bookholder, since I like to read in bed until I fall asleep and the Moogle turn off the fire (with a mini version of blizzard!).

Here there is my favourite pieces: personal things, perfumes and also a little blue box that contains my only r . It's a story I will not tell here or in the near future, but that's the most precious thing I have and it makes me a bit sad when I open it, but also happy because brings me good memories togheter with bad ones.
I should find a better accomodation, like some eastern furniture. But they are damn expensive!

Last but not least the living section, where I eat and play with fishes and where I also put my clothes!
You can see me in all my Yukata splendor for a final "wave" to you, my immaginary visitor!

And at the end, finally, I was able to "see" Sylbianna online! We couldn't meet because I couldn't move from Windy and she was stuck in Bastok.
But we talked a bit and she told me I'm a good Dancer! Muahahahah
oh69.gif oh69.gif image by binahel

So, to show my power, I did a bit of motion near the egg-addicted crowd.
And I stroke a pose or two!

That was a kinda normal Binahel day: full of nothing really usefull, but funny!

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sylbianna said...

hei, yeah! It was really wonderful to finally be able to speak with you and I do mean every word I said! I really miss you, I hope we can do fun stuff, too! And I'm so glad and happy that you updated, too! I hope everything at work is okay and everything's going good for you! Your Mog House is really spectacular, it's beautiful! It must be wonderful to see it in person! So much stuff, so much to do! Thankies for showing us all! It seems taht the Easter events are very popular! I still haven't done them either, congratulations on your pretty eggs!

I always love reading your blog, Binahel, it's so much fun! I hope I can read lots more soon, but please don't push yourself! Stay safe, and have fun! ^-^/

Anonymous said...

@_@; Your MH is so pretty. Thanks very much for the guided tour.

I really should go and do that event (if I still can >_<).

Loving the pose at the end by the way. :P

Anonymous said...

thats one swanky mog house~ much cosier then my barren bastok home T_T

i got that egg too, love it <3 the growling is scary O_O

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