Here it comes

12 March 2008

The day we DNCs waited it's arrived
AF is here!

Sadly work is keeping me seriously busy and I will not be able to level in the few next days.
But the Tiara is so near I can feel it on my soft read hair!

In the meanwhile, please enjoy all the KI and BG whines about haste nerf and SCH tierIV nukes.
They will keep you occupied while till I will be back!

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sylbianna said...

I'm so sorry to hear that you've been so busy ; ; and I'm also so sorry we got IV nukes and lots of things, but I really hope you can play soon and finally get Dancer AF! The stats are amazing but what makes it really wonderful is that it's just gorgeous, you'll look beautiful in it! I really hope you get to play soon but also mostly that things are with you okay, I really hope you're not overworking yourself! Stay safe, see you soon!

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