2 April 2008

Due to a severe virus infection I will not able to play for a while, since my computer is kinda stuck and I will have to fix it properly.
I hope I've not been hacked

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sylbianna said...

Oh no! Binachan oh no, how awful, I'm so sorry to hear that! How horrible, I really hope everything is okay! I'm so sorry to hear of such things! If there's anything I can do, I miss you horribly and hope more than so much to see you soon! If i may ask is there anything I can do? And don't worry I don't think you've been hacked, I haven't seen "Binahel" on for a long time so much, I started to get worried for you! I hope things are okay, don't worry I'm sure you'll be able to play soon! <3 Miss you and hope to see you soon, always!

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