Oh my!

13 June 2008

A lot of new things to do, a lot of old things to set up before I can start this new life.
In the meanwhile I'm having fun with the new update SE gave us few days ago.
I would like to mention the absence of any real Dancer thingy, but since I found the new Missions and the new contents really nice, I guess I will not say a word about it.
We Dancer are still waiting for merits and AFv2 but looks like we will wait a lot for that two.

The new storyline is very very nice. Finally something I can enjoy even if I don't have a whole party of uberFriends to help me.
I was very very angry about COP, not for the fact they were difficult (I do really like challenges) but due to the fact they were "impossible" without a proper group. Looks like SE learned a lot from that distant mistake and it's giving us something that we can enjoy even if on a casual player basis.

When I will be finished with moving (somewhere in September, I believe) I will finally leave the lines of casual players, but since then I'm wondering what this game has to give to people who don't have time to play it properly.
I saw that the new relics are, of course, a big effort to do. And it sounds fine. I'm not the kind of people who need the ultimate weapon to be happy... even if I hoped for something different... and how things looks like for now, the new relics are even more difficult to have than the old ones.

let's change subject! The FFXI Blog world is full of people speaking of the update and the new items, I leave you to their capable minds!
Me is a Dancer, the silly Dancer, so I give up on complaining and I try to unravel the mysteries  of Vana'diel

Will this be the future that awaits our beloved Windurst? Will we be able to save it from it's future of horror and despair?
What we saw after fighting the battle of La Vaule, is just a vision or an ineluctable that we will have to fight to avoid destruction?

And what this little dancer hide? Is what she claims to be? Another pawn in the scheme of the Royal Feline? Is the cat good or evil?
And, finally, the ultimate question: where are the Champions of the Dawn and what's their place in all this events?

We can't know for sure!
And while waiting, we enjoy a bit of Campaign fun!

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