Even if I'm back

18 April 2008

It's not only work wich is keeping me away from beloved FFXI.
I've got a project, for the near future. I want to go to London for a while, a long while if I will be able, a little while if things will not start properly.
I don't have any particular expectation, beside the possibility of doing shopping in Camden Town.

By the way, be ready.
Binahel will be back soon, before it's time to move to London I will have a few weeks of tight work and little free time I will invest in exping Dancer.

I want to spread the pink of Dancers everywhere in Vana'diel.
I was a bard, I know good stories. I will now dance in front of the fire once the stories are finished.

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sylbianna said...

I'm so sorry for responding to this so late, Binahel ; ; I really really am! I hope everything is okay, I miss you lots and lots, and thank you so so much for continuing to comment on my blog, more than so much it means a lot! I hope honestly and truly that you really are having a wonderful life, I know how hard it is to meet the dreams that you desire so much. Real life is always more important than FFXI, I hope that you are able to fulfill those dreams and truly concentrate on what makes you happy and what you know you're meant to do in life! Please stay safe, I miss you, and hopefully we can do something together again some time!

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