Walk of Echoes

21 November 2011

It might be good to update the blog while waiting to Walk of Echoes #9 to be ready.
Summoner rules there and it's nice to be one finally. One has the impression to actually be useful.

It's one minute and everybody is buffing. Let's go to fight!

- Update -

Fought and won. Only japanese players seem to be still interested in WoE.

Anyway this is just a quick reminder to say that yes I am still around, I am still playing.
Working on COR +2 and BLM +2 armors.

Doing a lot of quests and missions and in dire need of Nyzul Isle floor 100.
Drop me a line if you're on Cerberus and fancy some mission fun :)

More updates to come for the next weeks. Promised.


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