Long time no see

23 February 2012

Oh well... these days I have millions of things to do, so why not add to my burden as well a couple of blog posts? ^,^
Let's do it, for the fun of it!

I am in the process of renewing the blog layout, mainly because in these Abyssea days my interests are quite shifted from the old ones.
I still adore Dancer and Redmage of course but somehow I can't play them too much and they're not anymore my only jobs at 75 (lol) - 99 any-more.

In my personal arsenal of favourite we could see the appearance of two wonderful jobs:

Scholar and Corsair - I should also mention Black Mage but it's quite redundant since everybody has Black Mage these days.
While spending only little time speaking about Corsair - which is my job of choice to gear up and become wonderful in it - because it's self evident what a wonderful job it is (not to mention the coolest AF in game and being a pirate), I should probably spend a bit of time into talking about Scholar.
Have you ever played it? Coming from a BLM history with a decent geared setup, I was surprised and even slightly shocked to see how versatile and efficient this job is.
With powerful nukes (I was almost nuking as much as my BLM, I couldn't believe my eyes) and very good MP efficiency due to Refresh and Sublimation, I found SCH intriguing to play... but I honestly think I underestimated it.
If you put it a small Elemental Seal available every minute, together with AOE Cures and -na spells, I am still baffled that SCH is not on the most used job ever.
I don't know the reason for that, I suspect is simply because most of the time we meet average players and certainly an average SCH can't in any way beat an average BLM...
but still the job survivability and general MP efficiency both in Light and Dark Arts makes me very happy that I choosed it as a new job to explore and try out.

I understand it might not be helpful in Abyssea - thanks SE for that horrible proc system - but it can be very useful in VW where, with the right gear, can easily proc all the not -ga spells, help cure via wonderful Regen and top it up with Helixes.

After all this consideration I did a new Nyzul run which went kinda ok but it could have been much better - mainly probably due to my inexpertise with the job as a primary healer.
So I read all night about SCH and I found Kaeko blog - which I completely missed in the old days (but I am sure you all know who we are speaking of).
Although the info there is quite old - SCH recieved -na and Refresh and Haste Kaeko! :) - it made me really eager to try SCH out a lot more.
I like this job and I like the fact is actually challenging to play - very much like Dancer when it came out when nobody knew what it was capable of and I had to exp to 75 via solo or Campaign lol.

So welcome back to me again to FFXI obsession.
Not sure where this will lead but, hey I will keep on track as long as it is fun! <3


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