Oh, still got no time

22 April 2009

Not there is much to tell.
Actually I'm trying to exp SMN and is doing pretty good, even if I don't have anymore all the time I had when I was studing.

I guess there's a time for everything, a time for gaming, a time for working, a time for life.

I choose long time ago a path and I'm trying to follow it straightforwardly, even if I must say I'm not sure it's the best one nor is safe for me to follow.
I endure.

I'll play a litte bit more, trying to reach 75 finally with a SMN without Diabolos becaus even if I play since 2003 I always wanted to finish first Zilart then CoP and now there's even more to finish and I don't have anymore time.

Too much stories maybe? Yes, it's possible.
Or maybe I still value too much just the sake of travelling, exploring (like yesterday I found a spot in Crawler's Nest... it was so beautiful and I've never been there, how's possible?) and questing.

I don't need anything else for the moment.

I've got plans about merits and maybe SCH to 75 but it's just a silly plan.
I know I won't have time to do everything I would like to do and that's the harsh truth.

It's sad, I know, but that won't keep me from dancing. Always.

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Anonymous said...

please please please can we have the pin badges back. i know you are working on it and very busy but you posted 10 days on BG and its been a month.



Anonymous said...

Hello, as you can see this is my first post here.
Hope to get any assistance from you if I will have some quesitons.
Thanks and good luck everyone! ;)

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