Guess who's back

10 May 2008

A lot of things are changing in my life... some are for good, other for bad. But the changes are a force to reckon with so I follow the wave and I see where it leads me.

I started to play again, and nothing really interesting happened, so I'm merely posting a pic to  celebrate the most funny and fast party I ever had with DNC: a 100% Mithra party!

As you can see, it's a Mithra feast, and we were soo fast that the WHM had almost nothing to do except letting the dog out.
For Altana! We had a very competent Thief, a lovely DRK and I'm really starting to thing that DNC make the difference in a party. I'm now in the same level range that my SMN and I can clearly see that as Dancer I'm making this mythical difference (more or less as much I'm doing it as a BRD)! muahahahah
It's overwhelmingly funny and I hope I will be 60 soon, to wear my full AF!
For now I'm a proud owner and wearer of the magical:

A red rose shines on my head.

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Anonymous said...

A party full of cats attacking one bird isn't fair. :/

Welcome back and congrats on the AF!


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