Days of intensity

18 May 2008

These were days of intense and rewarding exp.
Beside the boring exp parties I found, I was able to make a lot of nice exp session with a variety of different job combination. Almost in every combination the healer had to sit and watch, due to my super power cures muahahahah

Here you can see me fighting a pink bird with another DNC in party. Wich was a lot less lazy then me and cured a lot! Good lady! ^^
So party after party finally I got my reward:


It's unbelievable cute, I know!
Expecially the shoes, with a little cute red ribbon and a green heart!

But with levels went not only the AF but also
I know, I know, maybe for you this is nothing! BUT you must remember me that I was a Bard, and then a Red Mage and I never ever got Dancing Edge nor I did in any way significant damage to exp mobs.
So, with the help of a couple of flourish, I'm able to do a solo skillchain and that's thrilling for me, beside the fact the damage output is not bad at all

A small toke compared to proper DD jobs, but since this is my first melee job, i'm more then happy with this: my very first Dancing Edge!
Now I will study how this ws work and maybe I will be able to collect some equipment to make it stronger!

Then, running like a chocobo (Chocobo Jig ftw) in the streets of our beloved Windurst, I made an unexpected encounter:

Sylbianna the silly scholar! She was fishing and after some chitchat and a dozen of emote, I had to wave goodbye because it was too late for me!
Happy to see you again Sylbichan! <3

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